Travellers move onto Peterborough park

Travellers on Westwood Park
Travellers on Westwood Park

Travellers have moved onto a park in Peterborough.

Several caravans are currently on Westwood Park, with Peterborough City Council beginning the process to move the group on.

A person who wishes to remain anonymous suggested the travellers were able to move onto the park due to a missing bollard.

He added: “Tradesmen etc need to put the bollards up after coming in or out, and this not the first time vans have came through unauthorised due to this happening.

“Peterborough City Council and councillors need to notice this on their walk about the estate and sort it sooner.”

A council spokesman said: “We are aware that a group of travellers have set up on Westwood Park, however, we don’t have any information about how they gained entry at present.

“We have started the process to move the group.”