Road blockage after two bus stops placed opposite each other on Peterborough street

The two bus stops opposite each other on Sycamore Avenue
The two bus stops opposite each other on Sycamore Avenue
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A dad of four says it is a struggle to take his children to school every morning after Peterborough City Council agreed to put two bus stops outside his home.

Mohammed Saraj feels “trapped” inside his house in Sycamore Avenue, Dogsthorpe, and has to spend 10 to 15 minutes trying to get out of his drive because of traffic and people queuing for buses.

In addition, Mr Saraj said people are now throwing litter such as beer cans and scratchcards into his garden.

The new bus stops were introduced in August 2014.

Mr Saraj’s frustrations include the close proximity of another bus stop which he says is just a couple of minutes’ walk away.

He said: “I do not mind a public service but you have to respect people’s privacy.

“I have kids around and I do not want them touching rubbish.

“We are trapped inside and the children are late for school.

“Traffic stands still, especially at peak time. You cannot get traffic through there.

“I’ve never seen bus stops like this before, it’s ridiculous.

“How do people visit when they can’t park. Every day is a headache.

“It’a hazardous driving out with people standing outside.

“One of these days someone will be knocked over and whose fault will it be?”

Mr Saraj has two sons and two daughters aged between four and 14.

He said he had been ringing the council on-and-off for the last year and that he had never received a letter telling him that the new bus stops were being introduced, despite the council apparently sending them to all residents.

The bus route is used by Stagecoach service 5 which runs from Welland to Queensgate bus station and then on to Yaxley.

The buses run every 20 minutes.

A spokesman for the council said: “Consultation regarding the proposed bus markings on Sycamore Avenue was carried out with local residents in May 2014.

“After reviewing the feedback from the consultation and site visits by council officers along with representatives from Stagecoach, two bus stops were placed in the most suitable locations, making sure they were staggered apart.

“We have spoken to the complainant on a number of occasions and outlined how the consultation took place and the procedure to take if there is cause for concern, to which we will act on accordingly.”