Petition to save Rhubarb Bridge passes 2,000 signatures in half a day

Rhubarb Bridge
Rhubarb Bridge
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A petition to save Peterborough’s Rhubarb Bridge has passed 2,000 signatures in just over half a day.

The petition, started by Nyree Ambarchian, calls on Peterborough City Council to replace Rhubarb Bridge with another bridge.

The council revealed its £5.5 million scheme on Wednesday, 9 August, to replace the bridge which it says is at the end of its life.

But its plans are to bring in a series of Toucan crossings at the roundabout separating Lincoln Road (by Brotherhood Shopping Park) and Bourges Boulevard (A15), including on the A47 slip roads, with extra lanes put in for motorists.

However, the scheme has met fierce criticism, in particular due to concerns that it could lead to accidents at the crossings.

Moreover, on the same day that the public got to see the scheme for the first time the council announced that it had awarded the contract for the works to Skanska.

The plans to replace Rhubarb Bridge. The proposed new crossings are in light blue

The plans to replace Rhubarb Bridge. The proposed new crossings are in light blue

This too has been criticised by Labour and Liberal Democrat city councillors who have complained that there has been no time for consultation over the plans.

Labour group leader Cllr Ed Murphy is now trying to get the decision called-in which would put it on hold until a council scrutiny committee could meet to discuss it.

The petition states: “Rhubarb Bridge in Peterborough is under threat - in fact, Peterborough City Council has set out its intention to remove it completely and not replace it with another bridge.

“By their own admission this will result in a worse situation for local people.

Residents at the Salvation Army Citadel see the plans

Residents at the Salvation Army Citadel see the plans

“Sign this petition to tell Peterborough City Council you understand the old bridge has to be removed, but you want it replaced with a new bridge straight away.

“We demand a scheme that is equitable or better for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.”

The petition list four reasons for rejecting the council’s scheme, including safety concerns, and calls on the council to halt its proposals, review the previous decision making and get a new quote for how much it would cost to build a new bridge.

The council has said it would cost up to £30 million for a like-for-like replacement.

The £5.5 million funding for the Junction 18 works at the A47/A15 roundabout was passed as part of the Conservative-run council’s budget proposals in March.

The petition can be viewed at

More details on the scheme can be viewed on the city council’s website.


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