Peterborough store refused alcohol licence

The alcohol licence was refused
The alcohol licence was refused
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An application for a licence to sell alcohol by Little Europe Store in St Martin’s Street, Park ward, has been unanimously refused by city councillors.

The application was to sell alcohol from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 11pm.

Members of Peterborough City Council’s Licensing Act 2003 Sub-Committee heard objections from the city’s licensing officer Darren Dolby on grounds that the store is in the ‘CAN-Do’ zone of the city, and is in an area which already has many alcohol outlets.

Mr Dolby said: “This area, apart from having large numbers of similar outlets for alcohol, suffers from alcohol-related crime, anti-social behaviour, serious alcohol littering, and that does not even mention the fact that many children use this route on their way to and from school.”

The police also had concerns related to similar issues which were put to members with the term ‘saturation’ used to describe the number of alcohol outlets in the immediate area.

There was also a written objection from Brian Gascoyne on behalf of the Millfield & New England Regeneration Partnership on the grounds of public safety, the prevention of public nuisance, the protection of children from harm and the prevention of crime and disorder through alcohol abuse.

The applicant, Lenke Stumf, who arrived late at the meeting, said: “I don’t know anything about the Cumulative Impact Assessment statement you mention.”

When asked about the negative impact all-day and night alcohol sales would have on children walking through the area, she said: “My daughters walk through the area.”

After a short recession to consider their response members returned and chairman Cllr Ansar Ali (Labour & Cooperative, North ward) went on to explain that the application had been unanimously refused for the grounds expressed by the many objections.

Mrs Stumf made no response and gave no indication on whether she might appeal the decision.