Peterborough council awards £2k to homeless victim of harassment after admitting fault

A rough sleeper in Peterborough
A rough sleeper in Peterborough

A homeless person in Peterborough who was the victim of harassment has been awarded compensation of more than £2,000 from Peterborough City Council.

The authority has agreed to the payment after admitting it was wrong to stop offering accommodation to the victim.

The compensation is for 15 months the individual had to place their belongings in storage after wrongly having their support stopped.

The money was only agreed after the homeless person instructed their solicitor to request a review from the council on its decision to end its support in finding them accommodation.

The council agreed following its review that its original decision had been incorrect and sanctioned the £2,160 compensation.

Further information is not being revealed in order to not reveal the identity of the individual involved.

The homeless person had asked the authority for help in October 2017 and was offered accommodation which they refused. As a result the council decided to end its duty to help the person secure permanent accommodation.

In January 2019 the person’s solicitors requested the council consider a review as it believed it had made an error in law in discharging its homelessness duty.

The council agreed to undertake the review and admitted its error after considering the evidence it was offered.

The £2,160 compensation equates to 15 months of storage at a cost of £144 per month.

A spokesperson for Peterborough City Council said: “We accept that in this case it was unreasonable for the client to pay for storage costs and have agreed to fully reimburse them.

“We would like to apologise to the client for any inconvenience which was caused by this.”