Extension given to restore Dogsthorpe landfill site

Dogsthorpe landfill site has been given more time to complete the restoration and landscaping of the area following many years of waste disposal.

Tuesday, 24th September 2019, 5:25 pm
Dogsthorpe landfill site earlier this decade

Bounded by the A47 to the north, Welland Road to the northeast, the A15 to the west and south and the A1139 to the east, the former landfill site is in fact a cluster of small waste disposal sites just beyond the village of Eye.

Permission had been sought for approximately 400,000 tonnes of inert materials to be disposed of in the area which covers some 48 acres, to complete the restoration of the site.

The applicant, Mr Nicholson, speaking to members of Peterborough City Council’s Planning and Environmental Protection Committee today (Tuesday), said: “We are looking to maximise biodiversity gain on this site during the restoration.

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“Areas of biomass planting across the site was intended to provide feedstock for an anaerobic digestion facility, but this has now been withdrawn from the application.

“Instead it is our intention to restore the acreage to a full population of flora and fauna, landscaping as we go, to be completed by the end of 2024.

“A further year will be required to complete the bedding-in of all the trees and plants, and eventually it is our plan to submit further application to fill in the deep water-filled area to the west of the site as well.”

Nick Harding, the council’s head of development and construction, said: “The transportation of this inert material is expected to be carried exclusively on the trunk roads, as Welland Road has a weight restriction placed upon it.”

Cllr Dennis Jones asked Mr Nicholson what would be the likely outcome if the application to extend the time to restore the area was not granted?

Mr Nicholson said: “Our current application has already expired, so if the extension were refused the area would remain much as it is at the moment, which is not very appealing to the people who live in that area and who have to pass the site every day.”

Cllr Peter Hiller summed up by saying: “This is a no-brainer application really – we need this site returned to its former state, it needs planting, trees, landscaping and the re-introduction of wildlife to the area – we have to grant this extension, it is as simple as that.”

Members voted unanimously to grant the application to extend the time at the former Dogsthorpe landfill site to full restoration by the end of 2024.