Council to find more savings

Fenland District Council leader John Clark ANL-150714-101315005
Fenland District Council leader John Clark ANL-150714-101315005
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Car parking charges in Fenland could be introduced after the district council estimated that it must find an extra £934,000 in savings between now and 2020.

The council has revised it calculations as part of its Comprehensive Spending Review as a result of the measures announced by the Government just before Christmas.

The council must now find savings over the next four years of £2.2 million.

In a document listing all the possible savings which could be made by the council, car parking charges received 17 votes from the 39 members.

On January 14, councillors will be asked to confirm which specific proposals they want officers to work up into full business cases over the coming months before decisions are then made on which savings to implement.

Council leader Councillor John Clark said: “The extra savings we now need to find mean that we are facing an even bigger challenge than we first thought. We have made a good start and will take a fresh look at all the options at our meeting on January 14.

“The decisions we are going to have to take are the most difficult and complex I have known in my nine years as a councillor. They will inevitably require compromises on all sides. But we have no alternative.”

A four-week consultation on the council’s draft Business Plan and Budget, which sets out its overall priorities for the next three years, has now been launched.