Conversion of large agricultural buildings in Peterborough approved despite traffic concerns

An application for the conversion of two large agricultural buildings to residential dwellings at Fletchers Farm, Thorney Road, Newborough, has been approved.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 1:53 pm
Fletchers Farm

There was a last-minute objection from sitting tenant Emily Tanton, who said: “I have serious concerns for the safety of my young children because of the increase in traffic movements.

“At the moment it is very quiet, with only the odd car and tractor going up and down the long and very narrow access track to the farm.

“If these dwellings are built it will add eight to 10 more vehicle movements per day to what is already a very pitted and bumpy road, meaning that cars will have to reverse right back up the track to the main road because there are no passing places.”

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Members were sympathetic to Ms Tanton’s pleas, but as planning committee member Cllr Christian Hogg pointed out: “As I understand it we could not refuse this application on the basis that the track leading to the property is poorly maintained.”

Mr Nick Harding, Peterborough City Council’s head of development and construction, said: “This long and narrow track is badly maintained at the moment, but that is entirely down to the property owners and the committee cannot refuse this application accordingly. We can only recommend that it be properly surfaced and widened.”