Bridge Street cyclists to be fined by Peterborough City Council enforcement staff with new powers

The police crackdown on people cycling in Bridge Street
The police crackdown on people cycling in Bridge Street
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The Bridge Street cycling ban will soon be enforced by Peterborough City Council staff who will be able to issue fines.

Enforcement officers are receiving training which will give them the power to fine cyclists who flout the ban which runs from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday.

Currently the council cannot punish cyclists who ride through Bridge Street rather than walk with their bikes.

Instead, it is only the police who can issue fines which are said to be £30.

Council leader Cllr John Holdich announced the new measure following a ‘day of action’ yesterday (Monday, August 10) which saw police officers stop cyclists in Bridge Street.

Officers could fine cyclists caught breaching the ban, but Cllr Holdich said they were also being spoken to in order to find out why they were doing it.

Cyclists walking through the city centre street with the bikes were also reportedly spoken to, but this was purely as a learning exercise to find out why they had not ignored the ban.

Cllr Holdich said the day of action, which also tackled anti-social behaviour including littering, spitting and begging, was a response to him being “inundated” with emails from residents, particularly older people, following an interview with the Peterborough Telegraph where he expressed a desire to clamp down on Bridge Street cycling.

The residents told Cllr Holdich that they had been hit by cyclists, or nearly hit.

Cllr Holdich said: “I decided to do the day because of the considerable public interest in it.

“We’ve talked to police and today was the first day of action that we had.

“It looked like a successful day and we will analyse the results.

“I think the publicity worked because there were a lot of people pushing their bikes in Bridge Street. Normally they would be riding them.”

Cllr Holdich said the council had worked out recently that 20-25 people could be cycling through Bridge Street in an hour.

He added that further days or hours of action would take place in Bridge Street in the future but would not be publicised.

On plans to train council staff to issue fines, he stated: “We are listening to people who have said, ‘this is what I want’.

“We are not doing it to make money but as a safety issue.”