Company partnered with Peterborough City Council to offer energy efficient grants goes into administration.

New Peterborough City Council campaign - 'Love Peterborough'
New Peterborough City Council campaign - 'Love Peterborough'
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A company working with Peterborough City Council to offer energy efficiency grants of up to £6,000 has gone into administration.

The Mark Group is one of three contractors the council is working with for its ‘Heataborough’ scheme.

The grants were available to help pay for external wall insulation.

A council spokesman said: “We are aware that the Mark Group has been placed into administration and are in the process of talking to their administrators.

“The Mark Group was one of several contractors appointed to install solid wall insulation in homes as part of the Heataborough scheme (Green Deal Communities scheme).

“Residents who have works either due to start or that haven’t been completed will no doubt be worried.

“Our main priority currently is to get a clear understanding of the situation and to fully understand the number of residents that may be affected by this news.

“We want to reassure residents that we are committed to do all we can to support those who have paid deposits to either have the work completed, or their deposits refunded.

“Residents that have contracts with EON or SERS are not affected.

“Residents with concerns should call us on 01733 747474 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, or email”

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