Candidates split by drawing of lots after tied count

Parish council election news.
Parish council election news.
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Campaigning for elections can be a stressful and long affair, so defeat is always hard to take.

But for one candidate, missing out on victory was doubly disappointing after coming joint first in the ballot - but missing out by the drawing of lots.

That was the fate for Liberal Democrat candidate Chris Wiggin as he stood in a by-election to sit on Hampton Parish Council.

Chris, who was defeated yesterday (Wednesday, June 17) by independent Claire Guyton, said: “I’m disappointed to have got so close to winning and lost. In my 10 years in politics I have not seen anything quite like this.

“I have already congratulated Claire on her victory via Facebook. However, we all have questions to answer given a six per cent turnout.

“This is the closest I have been to winning in four attempts in Hampton. I will keep campaigning for local residents all year round.”

Liberal Democrat Peterborough City Councillor Darren Fower wrote that the top two candidates received 85 votes each, with the Green candidate receiving 66.

Fellow city councillor Nick Sandford added: “This is the first time since 1986 this has happenned in Peterborough... and I won on that occasion!”