Candidates make their case before Peterborough City Council by-election

Nick Arculus
Nick Arculus
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A former NHS surgeon is one of five candidates standing in a by-election to represent West Ward on Peterborough City Council.

UKIP’s John Myles worked for 20 years as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Peterborough District Hospital before he retired.

He is up against businessman Mohammed Sabir for Labour and Alex Airey for the Green Party. Other candidates are Lynne Ayres for the Conservatives, who is a former senior and managing partner at Hunt & Coombs Solicitors in Peterborough, and the Liberal Democrat former South Bretton parish councillor Malcolm Pollock.

The by-election is on Thursday, October 29 following the resignation of Conservative councillor Nick Arculus in April.

Mr Arculus, a solicitor for Hunts & Coombs, left his role as a city councillor to work 8,000 miles away in the Falkland Islands.

The current councillors in West Ward are Conservatives Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald and Cllr Yasmeen Maqbool.

Mr Myles said: “In Peterborough, the Conservatives have wasted our money on schemes bringing little benefit to ordinary people who continue to suffer from closure of residential homes and cutbacks in social services.”

Mr Sabir is a member of the West Town Community Association and wants all residents within the ward to live in a clean, safe environment with the best schools.He said it would be an honour for him to serve.

Mr Airey said: “If elected I would champion the rebuilding of our city’s public transport network alongside campaigning for reductions in fares. This would help people who can’t afford private vehicles to maintain their independence.”

Ms Ayres attended what is now the Peterborough School. She believes Peterborough is a tolerant family-orientated modern city and that it should be marketed to show its optimism as a city for the future.

Mr Pollock, a retired telecommunications engineer, said: “On the parish council I have contributed a fair bit. I think the city needs more people like the Lib Dem councillors that are currently in place.”