Cambridgeshire mayoral candidate to invite president Donald Trump to visit Cambridge and Peterborough

English Democrat Stephen Goldspink
English Democrat Stephen Goldspink
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A former Peterborough councillor and deputy city council leader is standing for Mayor of Cambridgeshire and has promised to invite president Donald Trump to visit the county if elected.

Stephen Goldspink is the English Democrats’ Mayoral Candidate for the Cambridgeshire mayoral elections to be held later this year in May.

He said that if he is elected as Mayor of Cambridgeshire he will issue an invitation to Donald Trump to make an official visit to Cambridge and Peterborough during his June State visit.

Stephen Goldspink has said that he is impressed with Donald Trump and so are many other Cambridgeshire residents. If elected Stephen Goldspink would use all the facilities available to the elected Mayor of Cambridgeshire to officially welcome President Donald Trump and make his visit to Cambridge and Peterborough as grand and as memorable an occasion as possible.

He said:“I am impressed by Donald Trump. I think it is great that he is actually doing what he said he would do during the election campaign. If only more politicians would do the same.”

He added: “I notice that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has so far broken many of the promises that he gave in the London elections and seems to be more concerned about American immigration policy than doing his job of looking after London. He also says nothing about human rights abuses in Arab countries nor does he condemn the sixteen countries that ban those with Israeli passports from entering.

“If elected I would be the opposite of this. I will make sure that every promise that I give in the election is done and I will focus on what needs to be done for Cambridgeshire. If Donald Trump were to come to Cambridgeshire as part of his official visit, that would be a great coup for Cambridgeshire and really put us on the map!”

Mr Goldspink added: “If President Trump comes to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, as Mayor I shall make sure that both Cambridge and Peterborough roll out the Civic red carpets.”