BUDGET: Peterborough Lottery with £25,000 top prize proposed by city council

A Peterborough Lottery is set to begin for residents later this year with a maximum prize of £25,000.

Monday, 30th January 2017, 6:00 am
Councillors John Holdich and David Seaton with the budget. EMN-170127-165644009

Residents would play online at a cost of £1 to take part in the weekly draw.

The local lottery would see 60 per cent of proceeds being used by Peterborough City Council to support good causes with the rest going into the council’s coffers.

The idea is included in the council’s latest budget proposals.

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The budget report states: “It is recommended that the Peterborough local lottery has two tickets types:

“1) A local lottery ticket - Where players purchasing tickets do not specify a good cause to benefit from the proceeds and that proceeds generated would be distributed to local voluntary and community organisations by the city council.

“2) A specific Peterborough Good Causes ticket - This would involve community and charity groups signing up so players could specify which good cause they wanted to support.

“This would ensure that the half of the proceeds go to that specific good cause.”

If the budget proposals are agreed in March, the council wants to have the lottery website up and running before the summer.

And if it proves to be a success then it will consider extending the lottery so it would more closely match the national game.

The council said a Peterborough Lottery previously ran in the 1970s.

Its report adds: “A growing number of councils are establishing local lotteries as a way of generating income for local good causes.

“Gloucester City Council launched a lottery scheme in January 2017 and followed the likes of Portsmouth and Aylesbury Vale councils.”

According to the council’s estimations, local good causes will win £23,000 in 2017/18 and then £62,000 in the following years.