Board hits out at credit cuts

The billboard
The billboard
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A campaigning group have made a public protest against tax credit cuts - using a giant billboard featuring Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson.

The poster has been installed on Lincoln Road by group 38 degrees, has a picture of Conservative MP Mr Jackson, and says his party promised tax credits would not be cut - and suggested this promise would be broken.

Matthew Mahabadi, from 38 Degrees, said: “Firstly, we want to raise awareness and make sure that Peterborough residents who will be affected by these tax credit cuts know that there is a large coalition, 38 Degrees, fighting their corner against Chancellor (George) Osborne and supporters of the cuts, which unfortunately includes Mr Jackson.

“These residents like many across the country will be very worried this chilly winter about the difficult choices they may now need to make, such as whether can they afford to heat their homes properly, how to pay for childcare costs.

“The second objective is to get Mr Jackson to listen to us and make the right decision to oppose the cuts.

“I’ve written to our MP personally before about them and the typical aloof response I got was the Conservative party line, with little concern for those affected.

“The Conservatives promised to not cut tax credits before the election but just months later their promises are unravelling.”

But Mr Jackson said: “Every year I help thousands of constituents with their problems – from housing to health but also benefits like tax credits.

“It is important to move our country from a high-welfare, high tax, low-wage economy to a lower welfare, lower tax and higher wage one.

“People’s taxes have been cut, with the typical income tax payer now paying £800 less income tax than in 2010.

“I am also big advocate of the National Living Wage which will see people being paid more by their employer rather than having their pay topped up by the Government.

“The billboard was put up by 38 Degrees – who have close links campaigning for the Labour Party.

“However, I’m sure my constituents will find it helpful to be reminded of my contact details in case there is an issue they do need help with.

“It’s only a shame that they didn’t include my email address which is’.”

A spokesman for 38 Degrees said they were independent of all political parties.