Andy Monk, UKIP: Don't be swayed by scaremongering

The Referendum is fast approaching us on 23rd June. This is a very exciting and important day for the people of the UK. It gives people their first choice on membership of the EU for over 40 years.

Monday, 30th May 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 31st May 2016, 10:33 am
Andy Monk

There are a lot of lies and misinformation coming from the Remain team at the present time, but I want to concentrate on the positives that will come after we vote to leave the EU.

Once we leave we will once again be in charge of our own sovereignty which means we will be able to make our own laws in our own British Parliament. 
No more will Brussels impose its pernicious and unjust laws on the British people.

Our NHS will be protected from foreign corporations and governments wanting to have a stake in our NHS, as they will surely have once the Transatlantic and Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) is approved by the EU after the Referendum if we stay in. TTIP will allow US corporations to own part of our NHS thus privatising it and undermining its effective use for the British people which we can’t allow to happen.

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The £375 million we pay each week for the “privilege” of membership of the EU can be far more usefully directed into spending on the NHS, which according to recent reports will have a £10 billion a year deficit by 2020. Our NHS needs this money to spend on more training places for doctors and nurses, to make more cancer drugs available and to buy more essential scanners. The UK is one of the lowest funders of its health provision in the developed world and this lack of funding must stop.

Small and medium businesses which make up more than 99% of UK private businesses will greatly benefit from leaving the EU. The endless red tape and bureaucracy will be thrown aside and they will be able to trade freely with whomever they want. Only 6% of UK businesses export to the EU but all UK businesses are subject to 100% of EU restrictions, rules and barriers.

By leaving the EU our children and grandchildren will not face the prospect of being called up to serve in a European Army, fighting a war that the UK has no cause to be in and commanded by a foreign country’s generals. This is one of the many divisive and unpopular items on the EU’s agenda which has conveniently been put on hold whilst we have our Referendum, but will magically reappear should we vote to stay in the EU.

Once we leave the EU we will gain control of our borders. We will decide who gets in to the UK. This will not only ease the current pressure we have on housing, the NHS and school places but will also make the UK a much safer place to live in. Our security services will be able to keep closer tabs on potential terrorists. Turkey is the next country lined up to join the EU and this will effectively place the EU’s border next to Syria and all that entails. Not a welcome prospect for the UK’s national security.

Please don’t be swayed by all the scaremongering by the Remain team but look at all the positives the UK will have by voting to leave the EU and regain our freedom to govern ourselves on Thursday 23rd June.