£80 fines for Bridge Street cycling set to begin in Peterborough council crackdown

The relaunch of the PES team last year EMN-161017-232128009
The relaunch of the PES team last year EMN-161017-232128009
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A crackdown on Bridge Street cycling begins on Monday.

Cyclists flouting the 9am to 6pm ban should expect an £80 fine, reduced to £60 if paid within a week.

It follows the approval of a city centre Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) which gives officers within the SaferPeterborough Prevention and Enforcement Service (PES) - which includes police and council officers - additional powers to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Littering, spitting and public urination and defecation are included in the order, as is begging, but fines will not be handed out for this.

The PSPO was formally introduced on April 1, however during the first six weeks PES officers have been speaking to members of the public, informing them about the order, rather than handing out fixed penalty notices.

New signs have also been erected throughout the city centre letting people know they are in the area covered by the PSPO.

Adrian Chapman, service director for adults and communities at Peterborough City Council, said: “The aim of the PSPO is to create a safer and cleaner environment for Peterborough to remain a great place to live, work and visit.

“Since April 1, PES officers have spoken to over 350 members of the public who were in breach of the PSPO and who, from Monday, would have been fined as part of this new order.

“The additional powers of our PES officers through the introduction of the PSPO demonstrates our commitment to cracking down on those who act in an anti-social way.”

Council leader Councillor John Holdich has promised a zero tolerance approach against illegal cycling on Bridge Street.

He said: “It was 70 bikes an hour at peak time three months ago. Now it’s 20 an hour. So the education part has worked to a certain extent.

“Those who continue to do it, we are going to enforce it.”

Plans are in place to implement further PSPOs around Peterborough.

The next one, which will soon be announced for Millfield, New England, the Embankment and Lower Bridge Street, will allow people to be fined for not disposing of alcohol or leaving the scene when requested to do so, for urinating or defecating in a public place, leaving bins on “the public highway” on days they are not due to be collected, and littering or spitting.

The conditions of the city centre PSPO are as follows:

- Persons within the area, on the request of a police constable, police community support officer or an authorised council officer are to comply with the request to dispose of or surrender any containers of alcohol in their possession or disperse from an area.

- No urination and/or defecation in a public place other than within designated public toilets.

- No begging - not to make unsolicited and/or unauthorised requests for money (whether expressly requested or impliedly requested by conduct) in a public place from persons not known to the perpetrator.

- No unauthorised cycling (i.e. in Bridge Street).

- Cyclists to dismount if requested to do so by an authorised officer if they are of the opinion that the cyclist is riding in a wanton and furious manner.

- To comply with Peterborough City Council’s code of conduct for busking.

- Any individual is to disperse from an area if requested to do so by an authorised officer if the officer is of the opinion that the individual is causing harassment, alarm or distress.

- No littering or spitting. It is an offence to throw down, drop or otherwise deposit and then leave, litter in any place in the open air in the defined area.


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