Police issue warning after double cash scam

Do you recognise this man who is wanted by Lincolnshire police?
Do you recognise this man who is wanted by Lincolnshire police?
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Police are urging local businesses, specifically shops and food outlets to be alert following a double cash scam that could see them tricked into giving cash from their till.

Police have released a CCTV image of a white male, aged between 25 and 30 years old who has been targeting businesses in both Stamford and Bourne using ‘confusion tactics’ to defraud staff into handing out money.

The first incident happened at a coffee shop in Stamford on Monday afternoon at around 3.25pm. A man tried to pay with £50 notes and ‘confused’ the staff member into handing over £313, after the male tried to hand £50 notes back and forth.

A second incident happened at Texaco in Bourne on the same day at around 4.45pm when a cashier was ‘confused’ into handing over £97 to the male after ‘confusing’ requests for change from a £50 note.

Police have described the man as a white male, aged between 25 to 30 years old, five foot, nine inches tall, medium build, with short hair, possibly a shaved head.

At the petrol station the male was pictured wearing a denim baseball cap with a navy waist length coat and blue jeans and at the coffee shop the male was seen wearing a cream cap with a cream jacket and blue jeans.

In both cash scams the male presented a £50 note in payment for a small item, and then confused the cashier by bombarding them with further instructions, asking for change.

Police Sergeant Rachel Blackwell from Stamford station said: “The offenders come across as very confident and deliberately distract and confuse the cashier for their own monetary gain.”

“Staff working in any business where cash is exchanged for goods or services need to be aware of the scam and how easily they can become confused or distracted. I urge local businesses to be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to police.”

If you have any information please contact police on 101.