PHOTO SPECIAL: Glinton girls travel all around the world - in just one afternoon

The event at Northborough Village Hall
The event at Northborough Village Hall
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Northborough Village Hall was host to Girlguiding Glinton District when 54 keen, enthusiastic and ready to travel Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Leaders from Helpston, Glinton and Northborough came together for a District Event.

The challenge for the afternoon was to ‘visit’ and undertake activities at each of the five Girlguiding Centres around the world.

Once in their groups; the adventure began. Where would they start? Sangam in India where an opportunity to wear traditional dress and have henna painted onto their hands was waiting?

Or Our Cabana, Mexico, where a beautiful, eye-catchingly colourful woven dreamcatcher could be made?

At Pax Lodge, UK peg soldiers were standing to attention, ready to be painted; whilst at Our Chalet, Switzerland, chocolate was on the menu. The girls could learn about the importance of Swiss chocolatiers and make their own truffles.

Creativity and imagination was the order of the day at Kusafiri, Africa, as unique and individual face masks were designed and adorned with various decorations.

Their final stop of the day was the music room where songs from the various countries were learned and shared at the end in true Girlguiding fashion; there is always time for a song.

The hall resounded with laughter and chatter as the girls learned about the heritage of Girlguiding and its impact around the world. They also considered what makes us proud to be British. Each girl contributed to a large collage about everything they felt represented Britain (despite their youth the rain featured heavily); a photo of which has been sent, along with a letter to Her Majesty, Queen


As the afternoon drew to an end, they were joined by the Commissioner of Cambridgeshire West who presented District Commissioner, Morag Sweeney, with her County Thanks Award for 20 years service as Division Residential Adviser.

She also presented 1st Glinton Rainbows Unit Leader, Sally Nash with her Leadership Qualification.