Peterborough United fans like Reece Brown and Kyle Barker, but they don’t like VAR and a call to axe three Posh players until May!

Peterborough United were impressed with new signing Reece Brown’s debut in today’s 4-2 FA Cup third round defeat at Premier League Burnley (January 4).

Saturday, 4th January 2020, 9:23 pm
Updated Sunday, 5th January 2020, 5:50 am
Reece Brown (partially hidden) comes close to scoring for Posh at Burnley. Photo: Joe Dent/

Teenage midfielder Kyle Barker and centre-back Rhys Bennett also impressed, but some others earnt the wrath of one angry supporter.

And the first Posh experience of VAR wasn’t a good one.

‘Reece Brown adds balance and the missing attacking impetus we lost when Knight got injured. Tidy and clever in possession so a promising debut for me.’

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‘Awful start, game was gone. Brown looks decent and could form a good partnership with Knight when he returns.’


‘Posh were good going forward, but struggled at the back - Bennett MOM. Brown looks like he can spot a pass so good news for Toney. Eisa looks off the pace not sure what he contributed. Pym did well. Would like to see Maddison release quicker. Overall we stepped up.’


‘Brown had a great game and a good addition for the rest of the season if he carries on playing like that. Toney doing what he does and tight between him and Brown for MOM. Mason had a good game.’


‘Awful start, mostly better after the first 25 minutes. That could be said about the team as a whole and Brown himself. Struggling to think of a clear MOM to be honest.’


‘First 25 minutes were awful, bit for the rest the game we were like a different team. Like the look of Brown, thought Barker and Jones did very well when they came on. MOM either Toney or Bennett. Dont like VAR!’


‘Pym MOM. Posh had three good spells. Possibly should’ve nicked another goal. First 20 odd mins killed game. Need a midfielder who can tackle and drive. Josh Knight needs to be back ASAP.’


‘First 25 minutes killed it for us. After that we played some nice football. If we had scored at 2-0 it would possibly have been a different game. Bennet MOM, he seems to have eliminated some of the stupid mistakes. Overall played okay against a good side.’


‘VAR is useless. Definitely a player in Pym’s eyeline for the second goal. Offside is a joke and the jokers at Stockley Park can’t understand it, let alone us mere mortals.’


‘Kyle Barker didn’t put a foot wrong and no misplaced passes. Another gem in the locker.’


‘A touch generous with some of the player marks. Pym should have done much better with the second goal, Butler still looks weak defensively, and our midfield are either absent, sitting too deep, or mentally weak. Need to replace Pym, Eisa & Reed (temporarily - until May 2019).’


‘First half we gave them to much time on the ball, particularly in full-back areas. Competed well in second-half, particularly when Jones pressed more. Difficult to judge Brown so will reserve judgement. First experience of VAR and it kills the game.’


‘Like the look of Brown, especially as he hasn’t played much recently, but we play too narrow. In the last couple of games they’ve always had wide men in acres of space.’