Peterborough squatters find ‘nice’ new building after third eviction

The last of the squatters' banners which was soon taken down
The last of the squatters' banners which was soon taken down
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Squatters have moved on to their fourth building in Peterborough, but are keeping the location a secret for the time being.

The Peterborough Squatters Autonomy moved into their new building at the weekend which they claim is the nicest of all the ones they have occupied.

The move came even before they had finished packing up their last items from the third building they had occupied, the former Macanthony Media offices in Priestgate.

This morning (Monday, June 15) the squatters took down their remaining banners from the building and set off to join fellow their members of the group at the unnamed location elsewhere in the city.

They had been served an Interim Possession Order by the courts on Friday, meaning they had until today to leave the building before being evicted.

The anti-austerity protesters, who said they had left the building within the time they were allowed, have now moved to a new site but want to wait before disclosing where that is.

The group also claim two of their members were arrested but released without charge following another incident at the weekend.

They claim that having moved into a new property, they were wrongly forced out by a private security firm.