Peterborough soaked by heavy rain

Drivers negotiate the soaked roads
Drivers negotiate the soaked roads
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Half the rain in October in Peterborough has fallen on a soggy city this morning.

Residents woke up this morning to see heavy rain across the city, causing hazardous driving conditions.

Pedestrians were forced to dodge splashes from puddles and the rain using umbrellas.

Trevor Robbins-Pratt, from Peterborough Weather watch said: “We have had about 19mm of rain so far today.

“Throughout October, including today, we have had 41mm of rain - so nearly half of October’s rain has come today.

“The mechanics of what has brought this does not normally happen. We have cooler air from the west and warmer air to the east and south.

“This ‘battleground’ has been fought to the south, and the rain was formed in France and to the south of the UK.

“We have only had 375mm of rain this year, so it has been very dry. You would normally expect 45mm of rain in October.”

Cambridgeshire police said there had been no weather related accidents on the roads this morning, and Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service said they had not been called to any flooding incidents.

Peterborough City Council also confirmed no services had been affected by the rain.

But there was good news for families planning Halloween activities outside at the weekend.

Trevor said: “It looks like the rain will stop this afternoon, and it may get a bit brighter.

“It should also be dry on Saturday and Sunday, although the beginning of next week could bring some showers.”