Peterborough’s nightlife dealt new blow as fourth venue closes but tastes are changing

Bar Fever, on Broadway, Peterborough EMN-150114-111043009
Bar Fever, on Broadway, Peterborough EMN-150114-111043009
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Nightlife in Peterborough has been dealt a second blow in as many weeks after the closure of another nightclub in the city.

Bar Fever, in Broadway, has just shut with the loss of nine jobs, after nearly two years under the current management.

The news follows an announcement by the Luminar Group that it had shut Liquid, MYU Bar and New York, New York, in Nearby New Road, with the loss of 27 jobs.

The adjoining restaurant, Imperial Bento, has also closed temporarily as part of an overhaul of the building in Broadway.

Confirming the closure this week of Bar Fever, manager David Keetley hit out at the lack of investment in the Broadway area, traditionally the heartland of the city’s nightclubs.

He said: “It is very sad to have to close. We’ve managed to find jobs for six of our staff.

“But I don’t think we’ll be the last venue to close. We’ll see how the city’s economy progresses over the next six months before we decide if it is possible to reopen.”

He said: “The city is quieter now than last year.

“Last year the Broadway theatre was open every night and we benefited early on from the influx of people there.

“But generally footfall in the city is down.

“I don’t think the city is really catering for the late night market.

“While the offering in the city centre has definitely improved over the last 12 months - it’s a nice place to go and eat - but more facilities should have been put in place for the late-night sector.

“I think the Broadway area has been neglected. More investment is needed.

Mr Keetley said difficult economic times had also had an impact.

He added: “Tastes are also changing but I think there is a market for the nightclubs here but it is not large enough to sustain so many venues.”

He said police could do more to help ensure that revellers felt safer at night and officers could be tougher as it tended to be the same people causing problems.

Spencer Lloyd, manager of Yates’s in Broadway and the chairman of the Peterborough Evening Partnership, said: “It is very tough out there for the industry.

“But the city’s night time economy is not dead and buried just because a couple of night clubs have closed.

“Maybe the city just had too many?”

He said there were still many excellent night time venues in the city such as Edwards, Halo, the Solstice, Yates’s and the Brewery Tap.

But Mr Lloyd said the council could help with investment outside of Cathedral Square, Long Causeway and Bridge Street.

He said: “Investment is slowly creeping outwards but work still needs to be done in places like Broadway, Westgate and Midgate.”

Kevin Jeffery, general manager of the Solstice Bar, in Northminster, said: “Nightclubs are really a thing of the ‘90s.

“There are plenty of people out there. The footfall is very good. It is all about the place where these people want to 

“Peterborough is really now a three venue city - Halo, Edwards and Solstice.

“I think we have been successful because we have been here for 18 years and are stable.

“We tend to attract the 24 plus age group and I think we have a unique selling point. We are a large capacity venue and we have different areas for different types of music.”


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