Peterborough pensioners get money back from housing group

Pensioners living in sheltered accommodation have been reimbursed by a housing group after being overcharged for their utilities.

Sunday, 7th October 2018, 4:00 pm
Andrew Bye, John Kendall and Alan Hill at Hartwell Court

Three residents at Hartwell Court in Westwood, which is run by the Hyde Group, had contacted the Peterborough Telegraph after claiming they had been charged £5.13 a week for electricity which they had already paid for.

Treasurer Alan Hill (66), chairman John Kendall (70) and social secretary Andrew Bye (69), who are part of a residents group at Hartwell Court, also claimed compensation was owed to tenants due to heating and hot water problems which lasted for a number of days over the last Christmas period. Hyde has now apologised to the residents for the overcharging and said residents have received credit in their accounts.

Head of housing Benjamin Bello added that compensation is being paid for the problems last Christmas and that he understands the tenants’ “frustration”.

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He said: “We have already provided compensation payments to several residents that filled in the necessary paperwork, but unfortunately not all residents have returned them. We will be providing further copies of the necessary forms to all Hartwell Court residents that require them. These forms can be returned to our freepost address and we can progress any outstanding compensation.”

Mr Hill said there were residents who had filled out the form who were still waiting for payment. He added that there are 50 flats at Hartwell Court, of which a majority should be receiving compensation.

Moreover, the tenants are upset that a store room where they keep items used for their summer fete and Christmas bazaar has been taken over.

Mr Bello said: “We have cleared all items from the electrical cupboard to comply with fire safety standards.

“A number of our residents use mobility scooters, so we are converting this room into a mobility scooter charging point, ensuring that we continue to use this space for residents.”

Mr Hill and Mr Kendall have lived at Hartwell Court for eight years. Mr Bye has lived there for four years.

Mr Kendall told the PT: “Their attitude is we can do what we want.”