Peterborough obsessive cleaner returns to TV screens for Channel 4 show

Lynsey with homeowner Colin Peck and fellow cleaner Ben Pittaway at Prehen House in Londonderry, Northern Ireland
Lynsey with homeowner Colin Peck and fellow cleaner Ben Pittaway at Prehen House in Londonderry, Northern Ireland
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A cleaning fanatic who tidies her house on average six to eight hours a day will be on TV screens across the country when she returns to her Channel 4 show this month.

Lynsey Crombie, a regular on ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners’, is back for a one-off country house special having previously featured on seasons two and three of the programme.

Compulsive cleaner Lynsey Crombie at home  EMN-150630-203426009

Compulsive cleaner Lynsey Crombie at home EMN-150630-203426009

Lynsey, from the Hampton area, earned her big break on the small screen through a chance phone call from one of the show’s staff.

And the 36-year-old mother of three, who also demonstrates cleaning products on TV show ‘Ideal Home’, based in Fengate, is now a big name in the cleaning industry and is the face of Teepol, a well-established company which supplies equipment to the Ministry of Defence and NHS.

The importance of a clean house was honed into Lynsey through her childhood, but it was when her twins Millie and Olivia (12) were born premature that she became a cleaning compulsive as they were at high risk of infection.

A divorce also exacerbated Lynsey’s cleaning tendencies. She said: “If I feel low, instead of having a bar of chocolate I will clean.”

Lynsey keeps anti-bacterial wipes and hand gel in her handbag, and a Dettol spray which she uses to clean her chair when in Costa. Friends also find it amusing she takes her own wine glass and cutlery when over for dinner.

But Lynsey is adamant her family, including son Jake (7) are not made to suffer from her cleanliness. She said: “I let them get the toys out and my partner just gets on with it.”

On her passion for cleaning she said: “I love it. It’s the end result. I love the smell of the cleaning products. When your floors are clean and the sun shines off them, there’s nothing better.

“I like to make my own cleaning products. Cheap coke, neat lemon juice and a spoon of bicarbonate soda down the toilet creates a wicked fizz.”

Lynsey, who owns the Stanground Gazette, was rung about putting in an advert for home owners to go on the Channel 4 show, but the call also led to her going in for an audition the next day.

After passing a screen test, she began her new role which sees her tackle some of the country’s filthiest properties and teach the owners how to look after them.

In her first show she went to a young couple’s home in Blackpool where she could not get through the door.

The spin-off series started on Tuesday and Lynsey will feature on Tuesday, July 14. She is also filming for the next series and launching her own brand of cleaning products.

Lynsey added: “I had seen series one of the show and thought it was amazing. But seeing myself on TV is awful. Being recognised is nice and you get perks and freebies.”

Lynsey tweets at: @LynseyOCCleaner.