Peterborough man with three jobs to hit the golf course after winning “life-changing” £80,000 on Lottery scratchcard

Murray Bowring celebrates his �80,000 win at Thorpe Wood Golf Club, April 24
Murray Bowring celebrates his �80,000 win at Thorpe Wood Golf Club, April 24
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A family man from Peterborough who holds down three different jobs is hoping to spend a little more time on the golf course after winning a “life-changing” £80,000 on a scratchcard.

Father of three Murray Bowring (60) was on the way back from running his landscape gardening business when he stopped off for some essentials and decided to buy a National Lottery Bejeweled Hypercash Scratchcard.

Murray, who was then off to work a night-shift as a hotel night-porter, thought he had won £8 after starting with his first scratchard.

And it was only when he returned to finish the game, having completed the others, that he discovered he had actually won the £80,000 top prize.

Disbelieving Murray, from Orton Goldhay, said: “There I was, sitting in the car park, trying to process that I’d got the £80,000 top prize.

“Initially I thought it was a joke and threw the scratchcard down on the passenger seat, then picked it up, threw it down again and so on.

“I must have picked up the scratchcard and put it back down on the seat about five times before I called my wife of 38 years at work to say it was very possible I’d just won £80,000.

“Pauline just said I was being an idiot and we’d talk about it when she got home from work.”

When Pauline did return home from her job as a mobile carer the pair had a proper look at the scratchcard and, deciding it definitely looked like a winner, called The National Lottery.

Murray said: “It was a tense process making the claim but when they confirmed I had a winner all the tension disappeared as Pauline let out a scream of joy.

“I then had to rapidly calm down and go off to work so we didn’t really get a chance to think about it much more. I’m still struggling to process the win even now.”

A delighted Murray has banked his prize and is making plans for a more secure future.

While looking after his family is top of the list, the workaholic, who is also a part-time contract cleaner, will be giving himself a couple of treats such as working on his golf swing.

Murray said: “If you play a good round of golf it’s almost as exciting as winning £80,000.”

Getting to the golf course will also be a joy for Murray when he takes delivery of a Honda CRV from a local dealership that he looked at when he first discovered his win.

Murray, who bought his winning scratchard at WH Smith at Serpentine Green, Hampton, added: “My family means everything to me so they will definitely be looked after first and foremost.

“Just the thought of providing a little nest egg for all three of my children is simply wonderful.

“But I can’t pretend that I’m not very excited at the prospect of a few more rounds of golf and a new car.

“Swapping my old Suzuki for the shiny Honda CRV is going to be a magical moment.

“It’s already been a lovely year for us. We celebrated my 60th in March and had booked a fortnight in Cornwall with our daughter to continue the celebrations.

“With this life-changing win in the bank that holiday is going to be one hell of a celebration and driving down there in my new car will be the icing on the cake.”

There is a one in 4.24 overall chance of winning a prize on the Bejeweled Hypercash Scratchcard.

The card costs £2 and prizes range from £2 up to the top prize of £80,000.