Peterborough Extinction Rebellion protesters take part in City of London blockade

Extinction Rebellion protesters from Peterborough helped to blockade part of the City of London this morning (Monday).

Monday, 14th October 2019, 3:49 pm

Protesters from the city were among those blocking the road at Bank this morning as demonstrations carried on into a second week.

Last week had seen climate change rallies held in Westminster, with police carrying out a number of arrests.

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Among those in the crowd today were Damo (42) from Peterborough.

He said: “I’m currently unemployed and running down my savings to be here when I should be searching for work. My future is so uncertain because of climate change but it’s such an important cause I’m living like this, I’ve already missed an interview.

“If it wasn’t for the kindness and generosity of the XR community I wouldn’t be able to be here.”

Teacher Virginia (26) said: “I can’t keep waiting for the system to change. It’s wrong, it’s toxic and is allowing the death of millions of people.

Protesters in the City of London

“Our governments are failing to protect us and our banks are funding ecocide and I don’t want to be here doing this, but at the same time we need this to happen, we need people to empower themselves and this is the only way we have left to lead us to a just world.

“As an educator I feel a need to do thus for future generations.”

Gail (50) from Stamford said: “I’ve never even been on a camping holiday and here I am into my eighth day of sleeping in a tent in a London park with people I barely know.

“It’s an act of desperation, a plea to the Government and media to tell the truth, act now and relinquish their drive to make more and more money at the expense of the planet.”