Peterborough entrepreneur breaks world record for longest speech

Rob Moore presents a cheque in aid of Sue Ryder's Thorpe Hall Hospice. Photo supplied
Rob Moore presents a cheque in aid of Sue Ryder's Thorpe Hall Hospice. Photo supplied
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A property expert from Peterborough managed to talk his way into the record books after giving a 46 hour speech to raise cash for charity.

Rob Moore smashed the world record for the longest ever speech in aid of Sue Ryder’s Thorpe Hall Hospice.

Rob Moore. Photo supplied

Rob Moore. Photo supplied

Mr Moore (35), co-founder of Progressive Property, based in Cygnet Park, Hampton, managed to go nearly three days without sleep during the marathon record breaking effort.

But he said he was prouder of the £30,000 he raised for charity than the record itself - including more than £5,000 since completing the speech.

He said: “My nan died recently in a private care home, which was very expensive, It cost her most of her life savings.

“I had been to see Sue Ryder’s hospice, and did not realise how amazing the work they do is - and had we known, my nan would have qualified for care at Sue Ryder.

“It may have been too late for us, but I was blown away by the work they did, and wanted to raise money for them.

“I have always wanted to break a world record, but am not good at things like doing press-ups, or other things you see with record attempts.

“I know a lot about property, and when I looked at the record at the time, I thought I could break it.”

The previous record was set by Dr Pothula Srinivasa Brahmanand, who set a time of 33 hours and 46 minutes in 2012.

The rules of the record said Rob could not read or repeat any of his material. He was allowed five minute breaks every hour, which he could save up to use in blocks.

The event lasted for 52 hours, but after the time for breaks was taken iff, the official record now stands at 46 hours and 39 minutes.

Rob said: “The three days blurred into one day.

“I tried to have one 15 minute break every three hours, but most of that was spent going to the toilet - when you are talking non-stop for so long, you need to drink a lot of water.

“I didn’t eat that much, and really just had some fruit smoothies, and didn’t get any sleep.

“I nearly lost my voice towards the end, and a sore throat was the worst thing.

“But I only stopped because I ran out of material. I’m sure I could have gone on for a few more hours.

“If I hear someone has beaten the record, I am sure I will have another go to beat it.

“I got a certificate from the Guinness Book Of Records, which is on my office wall, but the photo with the cheque for the money we raised makes me prouder.”

Rob raised the money by selling tickets to his talk, and selling recordings of the event online. The father of one is still raising money for the charity.