Peterborough is the electric vehicle capital of the UK

Peterborough is the electric vehicle capital of the UK.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 11:10 am
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A new report by looked at the number of electric vehicles on UK roads and found that Peterborough came out on top percentage wise, with 5.17 per cent of vehicles on city roads being electric.

The next highest was Birmingham at 2.21 per cent, followed by Stirling, Portsmouth and Leeds.

The website said it had used figures from the DVLA.

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The figures show that residents in Peterborough own 210,167 vehicles, of which 10,866 are electric.

Peterborough has the aspiration to be the UK Environment Capital and earlier this year declared a climate emergency.

Department for Transport figures showed in 2018, the number of registered plug-in vehicles in the city increased by 20 per cent.