Peterborough cyclist claims for £200 from council after bike damaged

The pothole Nigel Fairbairn said damaged his bike
The pothole Nigel Fairbairn said damaged his bike
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A cyclist who needed two new wheels for his damaged bike after it went over a pothole in Town Bridge wants Peterborough City Council to fund repairs worth nearly £200.

Nigel Fairbairn has spent the last six weeks chasing the council for compensation after nearly coming off his bike while cycling to his home in Walton early last month.

The pothole Nigel Fairbairn said damaged his bike

The pothole Nigel Fairbairn said damaged his bike

The British Sugar worker has billed the authority for a new front and rear wheel, an inner tube and labour costs which come to a combined total of £196, but he did not include an £80 service which he has also paid for.

The 55-year-old, who raised £900 for the British Heart Foundation doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride last year, said the wait to hear back from the council on the outcome of his complaint was “poor” and “frustrating.”

He added: “They’ve been quick to repair the hole but not to recompense me and thank me for making them aware of it.”

Mr Fairbairn said he was lucky not to have been injured after going over the pothole in the late afternoon of January 4.

Nigel Fairbairn

Nigel Fairbairn

He said: “It was dark and it nearly threw me off my bike.

“I was very fortunate that there wasn’t a car beside or behind me at the time.”

The damage to his bike meant that Mr Fairbairn had to spend an hour walking it home.

It was then the next day that he returned to Town Bridge near Bridge Street Police Station, which is now closed to the public, where he spotted the pothole responsible for causing the damage to his bike.

Mr Fairbairn then alerted the council to the problem, and he said the authority had made sure the road was repaired a week later before the repairs were then smoothed out.

However, he stated that despite raising his grievance the day after his bike was damaged, he was still waiting to find out whether he would be reimbursed for the bike repairs he had paid for.

Mr Fairbairn added that the last message he had received from the council was back on January 29.

The message stated that the council was waiting for more information from a highways inspector before further progress could be made on the complaint.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We do not comment on individual claims for compensation.

“The pre-action protocols for claims of this nature allow the council 90 days to investigate and provide the claimant with a decision on liability, however, we always aim to respond as quickly as possible.

“If the claimant wishes to contact us directly we would be happy to provide him with an update on his claim.”