Peterborough Civic Award winners announced

Janet Cox of Percival Street who goes out litter picking every day EMN-151222-140239009
Janet Cox of Percival Street who goes out litter picking every day EMN-151222-140239009
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In 2014, Peterborough City Council launched the Civic Awards, a scheme which aims to recognise residents, groups, organisations and businesses that have made a real difference to their local community.

The awards are a small way to say thank you as a city to people who go out of their way to help others and recognise the great work that they do.

This year’s Civic Award winners are listed below.

The following nominees were selected to receive a Community Involvement Civic Award:

Mr Abdul-Muquaddas Choudhuri for voluntary community services over a period of 43 years, during which he has put a significant effort into community cohesion and served as Chairman for the Racial Equality Council.

Mr Jay Gearing, for exemplary services to the Green Backyard, especially in their efforts to support refugees in Calais, for which Jay organised a collection point for clothing and other materials. Jay’s promotion of the response to the refugee crisis helped others find practical ways to show their support.

Dr Sarah Kennedy, for her tireless efforts to improve community health in this city. Sarah’s vision to open the Beehive Community Centre, which now hosts a wide range of groups and activities, demonstrates her commitment to the community of Millfield.

Mr Robert Johnson, for his contribution to life in the village of Glinton as a Parish Councillor for 35 years. Glinton Village owes a huge debt to Robert for maintaining a cohesive community in Glinton.

Mr Richard Roffe, for his innumerable services as a Wittering Parish Councillor, including establishing a Sports and Social Club in the village and helping to coordinate the building of a modern football pavilion. The village would not be what it is today without his passion and determination to his work as a Parish Councillor.

Mrs Sue Bigham, for the significant impact she has made as a teacher at Longthorpe Primary School, where she has worked tirelessly for more than 40 years, touching the lives of hundreds of pupils and adding immeasurable value to their lives.

Miss Bernadetta Omondi, for her efforts and time spent developing the Peterborough Community Group Forum. In doing so, Bernadetta has ensured that communities can co-exist tolerantly and her commitment to cohesion and integration has ensured this city remains an ambassador for celebrating diversity.

Mr Farooq Mohammed, for consistent and long-term support to Peterborough charities, as well as funding of free breakfasts for two local schools. Farooq is an individual who gives willingly of his time and resources to improve the lives of others around him.

Sister Mary Clare Mason, for her outstanding contribution to the city through the Fairtrade Peterborough steering group. Her commitment to changing the lives of those in need is demonstrated through her work on the Inter-Faith Council and many other bodies.

Mr William Robertson, for his generosity in completely replacing the 1st Medehamstede Scout Group Hut’s floor, as well as offering the Olive Branch Community as a temporary Scout Hut. His benevolence and boundless community spirit has greatly benefited this Scout Group and his efforts have guaranteed their survival.

Mr Bob Smith, for his unstinting time and services provided as a Chair of Governors at St. Boltoph’s Church of England Primary School. Driven by a passion for improving children’s futures, Bob is a constant source of advice and support to the school, as well as to other schools during difficult Ofsted inspections.

Mr Ratilal Joshi, for his passion and enthusiasm in launching and developing the annual Peterborough Diwali Festival. Without his energy and determination, the festival would not exist and Mr Joshi is a credit to his community and the city.

Mrs Susan Rolfe, for selflessly dedicating time to teach reading skills to adults in the Learning Disability drop-in centre. This work has had a direct impact on these individuals, one of them going on to secure work as a result of their improved reading skills, and has inspired many other of the visitors to try and improve their own reading skills.

Mrs Jessica Phillips, for the large amount of unpaid voluntary work she undertakes in order to support the Northborough community. Her dedication to the Northborough Community Association plays a huge part in the community spirit and cohesion.

Mrs Karen Cooper, for being an active member of the Northborough Community Association and her efforts in overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of the Northborough and Deeping Gate Village Hall, without which the village hall would not be the same.

Mrs Linda Smith, for playing a key part in organising village events, such as the Northborough Horticultural Show. As a longstanding member of Northborough Community Association, Linda continuously strives to develop and improve the village life in Northborough.

Ms Sophie Antonelli, for her success as the figurehead of the Green Backyard, a group of people dedicated to supporting those in need. Sophie’s positive and engaging personality makes everyone feel welcome and benefits a significant number of people across the city.

Mr Stanley Kaye, for his commendable initiative to give poppy seeds to all Peterborough schools so that they were blooming in time for the 100th anniversary of the First World War. This increased the knowledge of pupils throughout Peterborough and inspired some schools to provide trips to museums to further develop this important knowledge.

Mr John Turner, for the passion and expertise he brings to the Fairtrade Peterborough Group and Carers Trust Peterborough. John has worked tirelessly to help attain one of the key targets for the Environmental Capital aspirations of the city – to achieve the Fairtrade City Status. The Fairtrade Peterborough Group would simply not happen without John, as his is the glue that keeps all the various representatives together.

The following nominees have been selected to receive a Sports Civic Award:

Police Constable Chris Baker, for his vision and passion in setting up the Peterborough branch of the Cambridgeshire Police Boxing Club, in order to give young people in deprived areas an outlet and consistent support. The club is now affiliated with the governing body of licensed amateur boxers and has given these youths a real focus in terms of pursuing sport, and learning discipline and respect for others.

Mr Ciaran McAuley, for founding the Park Farm Football Academy, the vision for which is to provide high quality football coaching to players of all abilities in the wider Peterborough area. This provides an opportunity for children to learn valuable life skills, such as teamwork and sportsmanship. Further to this, Ciaran was also instrumental in setting up the new Cardea Community Sports Association.

Mr Ged Rathbone, for reinvigorating Peterborough Panthers Speedway Club, and building a team that is now challenging for honours. Putting in much personal time and effort, he has successfully built a strong team spirit and made Peterborough an attractive club to ride for.

Mr Gordon Pearson, for phenomenal passion and enthusiasm for athletics. Gordon is the Event Director of Park Run Peterborough, Vice Chair of the Eye Community runners and a volunteer for many sporting events throughout the city, including the annual Perkins Great Eastern run. Gordon also created Park Run Peterborough in Ferry Meadows, which has provided a multitude of benefits to the city and community since.

The following nominees have been selected to receive an Environment Civic Award:

Mrs Janet Cox, for single-handedly keeping environmental problems in West Town to a minimum. At the age of 80, she goes out daily in all weathers to litter-pick in local streets and to clear litter in wider areas on the weekends. An unsung hero of West Town, Jan is known by many for her selfless efforts in keeping the environment clean.

Mr Peter Reynolds, for his vital input to the Peterborough Environment City Trust’s share scheme, Greeniversity. Peter’s enthusiasm for the environment has been a lifetime passion, and over the years he has created an environmental collection at Central Library, participated regularity in the city’s Green Festival and served as a member of Friends of the Earth.

The following nominees have been selected to receive a Contribution to Art and Culture Civic Award:

Ms Sheena Carman, for successfully organising and leading this year’s amazing Peterborough Arts Festival. An inspiration to those around her, Sheena harnessed the enthusiasm of a network of volunteers to pull of this commendable achievement.

Mr Mark Richards, for his great cultural leadership in the city of Peterborough and for creating a truly memorable experience through the Harvest Festival. His work has helped to develop a thriving arts community in the city of Peterborough.

Mr William Prideaux, for being the driving force behind the local charity, Peterborough Sings, which has revitalised choral singing in the city of Peterborough. Through his direction he has also raised the skills of both individual and ensemble performers, to such a standard that they have been recognised as winners throughout the UK.

CityFibre, represented by Mr Andy Starnes, has been selected to receive a Business Civic Award. CityFibre has accomplished remarkable achievements in the city through the provision of a fibre optic network. CityFibre, through Andy, has also played an active role in the community through sponsoring local events, such as the Digital People in Peterborough.

Miss Michaela Anthony has been selected to receive a Young Person Civic Award for the passion and initiative she has shown by volunteering with the Peterborough Environment City Trust charity. She always goes above and beyond merely putting experience on her CV even going so far as to research new recycling options for her school.

And last but by no means least, the Lifetime Achievement award goes to Mr Peter Moyse, for the excellent impact he has made through finding and developing the John Clare society, which he has served since 1981. A well-respected individual, both locally and in the field of John Clare studies, he has worked tirelessly in the community and deserves to be recognised for this work.