Peterborough City Council 'looking at removing artificial Christmas tree next year'

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Peterborough City Council is looking to remove its controversial £40,000 Christmas tree next year, it has been claimed.

Councillors were due to vote on a motion last night (Wednesday, December 12) calling for the removal of the artificial tree before its expected end of life to replace it with a “traditional Christmas tree” next year.

The tree lit up during the Christmas lights switch-on

The tree lit up during the Christmas lights switch-on

The vote, though, was called off by the person who had submitted the motion, Cllr Darren Fower from Labour.

Cllr Fower explained: "I spoke with somebody who is a very senior figure within the Town Hall, and they told me that work had already begun amongst officers to actually look at getting rid of the tree next year.

"Now I have to believe somebody of that level if they tell me that, so what I have decided is to withdraw (the motion) for now, keep an eye on that situation and make sure it does happen. But if it doesn't come to fruition we will be back with that particular issue."

This is the fourth year of the artificial tree being in the city centre. Peterborough City Council has said it will last at least five years.

The tree has been very controversial since it was introduced, with many people calling for the return of a traditional tree.


Vote to take place on replacing Peterborough’s controversial £40,000 Christmas tree