Peterborough City Council election candidate warned over using his car horn

John Shearman
John Shearman
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A city council election candidate was spoken to by police for allegedly using his car horn to block out messages of support for the Conservative Party.

Labour’s John Shearman held on to his Park Ward seat in last week’s election by defeating the Conservative candidate Steve Allen, his nearest challenger, by just over 600 votes.

However, Mr Allen said Mr Shearman drove behind a speaker van which was blaring out messages of support for himself and Conservative parliamentary candidate Stewart Jackson.

Mr Shearman was then said to have continually used his car horn to try and block out the messages of support for a two-mile stretch until reaching Lawn Avenue where he was spoken to.

Mr Allen said: “I was surprised by the behaviour of a councillor.”

Mr Shearman said: “With an election people get excited.

“A police officer had a friendly work and pointed out the law about using the car horn excessively.”

Peterborough City Council said it had received no complaints.

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