Peterborough city centre car park suicides could lead to £250,000 barrier

Northminster car park in Peterborough city centre. Photo: David Lowndes
Northminster car park in Peterborough city centre. Photo: David Lowndes
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Worries over the high number of suicides could see a £250,000 barrier installed at Northminster Car Park following an intervention by Peterborough’s senior coroner.

A decision on installing the barrier at the Peterborough City Council-owned multi-storey car park was this week deferred by the authority.

The council will wait until a similar scheme at Queensgate’s car parks has been in place for six months to see the impact it has on the problem.

Queensgate has been granted planning permission to install stainless steel wire meshing on the rooftops of its multi-storey car parks.

It is not yet known when the meshing will be implemented.

The council will immediately place additional and more prominent signage at Northminster which would direct people to sources of support at higher floors of the car park, lifts and lobby areas.

It also wants to use CCTV better to identify potential suicide risks.

Work done at Northminster would see infill panels provided on each level and fencing on the top deck, all with tamper resistant fittings.

The cost has not been confirmed but it is estimated that it could reach £250,000.

The council is acting after coroner David Heming asked it to undertake “urgent action” to prevent further deaths at car parks.

From 1 February, 2012 to 30 September, 2014 there were nine fatalities and three serious injuries at Peterborough car parks.

One of the deaths occurred at Northminster.

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