Whittlesey slimmer who halved dress size in just over a year to help others lose weight

Jaimee Aliker before and after she lost weight
Jaimee Aliker before and after she lost weight
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A Whittlesey slimmer who more than halved her dress size is looking to help others follow her weight-loss path.

Jaimee Aliker (28) lost six stone and saw her dress size go down from 22 to a svelte size 10 in just over a year.

Having piled on the pounds following the birth of her daughter and after needing her Gallbladder removed, Jaimee even tried starving herself to stop her weight going up,

Now, having lost weight after being introduced by a friend to Slimming World, Jaimee is about to start her own group in Whittlesey.

Describing her first experience with the organisation Jaimee said: “I’m sure I was the biggest person there but no one made me feel big. In fact they were all so welcoming.

“For the first time in a long time I forgot about my size. I actually felt positive about the future.

“I was amazed that I could still eat all my favorite meals. I just had to tweak a few things to make it work.”

Jaimee will be out and about in Whittlesey in the run-up to the launch of her new group which will be on Wednesdays (starting from September 2) at 7.30pm.

The group will meet at the function room at Childers, Station Road.

Jaimee will be preparing some Slimming World meals to share with group members on the opening night.

She added: “Even though I’m not at my target weight yet I know it won’t take me long to get there.

“I have loads more energy for my children and I’m a much happier person these days too.

“With so much more confidence I even brought a full-length mirror for my house - something that has always been banned!”