Volunteers come forward to help in search for missing blind dog

Call Susan Harrison on 07702 287 055 if you spot missing Goochie.
Call Susan Harrison on 07702 287 055 if you spot missing Goochie.
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Volunteers are gathering to help a devastated dog owner after her blind and deaf pet went missing.

Hearbroken Susan Harrison (49) has owned Goochie, a male Shiba Inu who is 16 years old and struggles to walk, for 16 years.

She left him in a secure kennel in her partner’s garden in Thorney Dyke on Saturday (May 16) while they attended a wedding, but on their return Goochie was missing.

Susan said: “I feel lost and sick. I have had him since he was a puppy. We have been looking for him but now we hope residents will help us in our search. People have already been marvellous with many coming forward to help.”

She added: “He was safe and secure when we left him and I can’t believe he was able to break out. My fear is that he has been stolen.”

Since Susan set up a Facebook page to help in the search for Goochie - who is carrying an identity microchip - a number of people have offered their help.

There have been possible sightings of Goochie reported at Bretton cemetery in Peterborough and one in the Chadburn area of Paston, Peterborough.

Susan has put up posters up in those areas, and at the Werrington Centre, appealing for information and has listed Goochie on the Dog Lost UK website.

Other dog owners came forward and have searched the cemetery area but with no further sightings of Goochie.

Susan added: “As soon as I put up the fact that he might be at Bretton Cemetery a woman cam forward and said she would take her dog and search the area. She was out for hours but had no luck.”

Following another possible sighting in Thorney Dyke Susan is organising searches there at 6am and 9am on Saturday (May 23) morning.

“We are going to search the Thorney Dyke area because one person contacted me to say they had seen him near the oil seed rape field there. Anyone who can help will be welcome.

“He is deaf and blind and can hardly walk. He is very nervous and I am so worried about him.”

If you can help please contact Susan on 07702 287055.

Susan has set up a Facebook called Lost Dog Goochie Shiba Inu.

If you want to join the search tomorrow (Saturday, May 23) or have seen Goochie please contact Susan on 07702 287055.