Villagers’ anger over plans for 185 new homes in Farcet

The area of Farcet where the homes would be built
The area of Farcet where the homes would be built
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Residents are calling for plans to build 185 new homes in Farcet to be scrapped as their neighbourhood would not be able to cope with the new arrivals.

The plans would see dozens of new houses built near Peterborough Road in the village - made possible by the proposed demolition of two homes already on the street.

But residents are angry about the proposals, and Farcet Parish Council is urging Huntingdonshre District Council to reject the plans.

Cllr Christine Deards, chair of Farcet Parish Council, said ‘Farcet Parish Council strongly objects to the planning application.’

She added: “The size of the proposed development is overbearing. There are currently 780 houses in Farcet. A development of an additional 185 houses equates to almost a 25 per cent increase in the size of a village that has almost no amenities. This would totally change the character of the village and bring it closer to being a suburb of Peterborough by eroding the current buffer zone. Services are extremely limited. There is no doctor’s surgery or dentist in the village and those in adjacent villages are over-subscribed. There is one small shop/Post Office, the owners of which are also opposed to the development as they see no advantage to the village.”

A number of residents have contacted Huntingdonshire District Council to object to the plans. One resident said: “I personally don’t think our road will cope.”

Another added: “People will no longer enjoy being outdoors in their own back garden as they will have lost their privacy.”

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