VIDEO: Protesters and commuters outside Peterborough Station criticise latest rail fare rise

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Campaigners protested outside Peterborough Station after the latest rail fare increase came into effect.

Members from the Labour Party, Socialist Party and the campaign group Momentum - which supports Labour and its leader Jeremy Corbyn - handed out leaflets to commuters who themselves criticised the price of travelling by train.

Cllr Ed Murphy, Cllr Jonas Yonga and Chris York outside Peterborough Station

Cllr Ed Murphy, Cllr Jonas Yonga and Chris York outside Peterborough Station

A 1.1 per cent average increase in the cost of train tickets in England, Wales and Scotland came into effect on January 2.

Speaking outside the station this afternoon (Monday, January 4) was Mandy Lawson who travels from Grantham to Peterborough two or three times a week.

The price of her tickets for two adults and a child - using a friend and family railcard - has gone up from around £22 to £23.40.

She said: “It’s a big deal. I would like the prices to be lowered and stay there for a while.

“The trains are never on time. Something always happens. Today it was 15 minutes behind.”

Student Aisha Hussain made her first trip today from Peterborough to Coventry where she is studying accountancy at university.

The journey cost her £66 for a return ticket and required 52 minutes waiting for a changeover in Nuneaton.

Aisha, who will get a season pass for her four weekly trips to Coventry and back, said: “It’s too expensive. There’s nothing wrong with the trains but they should have more flexible times.”

Commuter Jordan Freeman (27) travels between Peterborough and London and agreed with what the activists were telling him. He said: “It’s ridiculous really. Most of the time it’s extortionate.

“I think it’s because it’s privately owned and they are basically taking liberties.

“It needs to be publically owned.”

Protests took place in the morning and from 4pm in the afternoon.

Chris York, founder of the North West Cambridgeshire branch of Momentum, was handing out free postcards for people to write to their MP. He said: “We are joining thousands of other people up and down the country campaigning against rail fare increases yet again.

“Since 2010 we’ve had a 25 per cent increase which is an extra £2,000 a year.”

Councillor Ed Murphy, Labour and Co-operative member for Ravensthorpe on Peterborough City Council, said: “We are calling for fair rail prices in the UK. People in Germany today and France are taking train journeys the same, they are on time and less crowded and they are paying a third of what we have to in the UK.”

Cllr Jonas Yonga, Labour member for Paston, said: “I’m doing this because the increased fare and slow increasing of wages is not fair for the working people.

“People like myself keep on being squeezed.”