Video of Peterborough dad and daughter dancing to Craig David song becomes internet sensation

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They put a video up on Friday. It was posted by the LAD Bible on Sunday. Then the nationals picked it up on Monday. And on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with four million views by Friday.

No, this is not the world’s worst cover version of a Craig David song (officially anyway) but the loosely scripted tale of events which has seen a dad and daughter from Peterborough become overnight internet sensations.

Lee Greeves and his young daughter Sienna, from Gunthorpe, have had the Facebook video of them dancing in a car to ‘When the Bassline Drops’ viewed as many times as a Usain Bolt tweet after it featured on a number of national websites including the Daily Mail.

And yesterday (Wednesday, February 3) it even featured on ITV show Lorraine, much to the surprise of Lee who, instead of having to Rewind, caught the show on +1 after word spread that he had made the small screen.

“It was mind-blowing,” he said.

“I received a call saying we are on the TV which you do not expect to hear every day. Facebook went mad and people were putting up links to it.”

Lee and Sienna Greeves dancing to a Craig David song

Lee and Sienna Greeves dancing to a Craig David song

Lee, who is a big Craig David fan himself, was also thrilled that the artist himself posted a tweet of the video and told his 317,000 followers that “this is so amazing.”

Lee even got in touch with Craig’s management company who replied saying Craig was very happy with the video.

The video itself was filmed by Lee’s wife Leona, and with all the negativity around social media, Lee was hoping to try show the positive side of the internet which is easy to overlook. “It was nice to spread a little bit of cheer,” he said.

And Lee’s friends should expect more videos to come with Lee hoping to pair Sienna up with her older sister Ruby to create an even more incredible spectacle.

“The pair of them together is something to watch,” he said. “They like current music like Craig David or even just Justin Bieber, but most importantly they are just little girls who like to dance with music.”

As often is the case with the internet, Lee has had to put up with some negative comments, in particularly from the US, with some querying the speed he was driving at.

But Lee said he was not doing anything illegal and that the overall response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive. He said: “Obviously there is a negative reaction. A lot of the comments were, ‘I wonder what the child’s mother said?’ Well, she was there with us.

“There’s always going to be keyboard warriors out there, but when you look at the ratio of negative to positive comments it’s minimal.”

And after a week of seeing himself and his daughter taking the internet by storm, Lee is still in shock at what a 40 second clip posted on Facebook has evolved into.

“I wake up every morning and I can’t believe the power of social media. That’s the biggest reflection for me,” he added.