Top tips to becoming a success magnet in 2022

Learn how to redefine yourself and build a powerful personal brand in 2022 with these strategies learned first-hand by the founder of C-Success Academy.

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Friday, 17th December 2021, 8:07 am
Patricia Wagner is a recognised success coach, professional singer and actress

Patricia Wagner is a recognised success coach, professional singer and actress on a mission to help people from all backgrounds redefine themselves and master an unstoppable mindset in business and life.

Patricia has moved on from a traumatic past to a brilliant future: the mum-of-three will be releasing her second single, Good Samaritan, on all streaming platforms on December 17 and is carving out a fulfilling career as a success coach helping experts get to their definition of the top in life.

She is driven by her tough early life and shares her story to inspire others to create strong personal brands.

Patricia is driven by her tough early life and shares her story to inspire others to create strong personal brands

“It’s about working out what you want to stand for, what you want to be remembered for,” she says. “I live a beautiful life that I love, and I am a very successful woman today, but it wasn't always like that. I am amazed I survived and have made it to be this amazing woman, the best version of myself today.”

Here she shares the secrets of her system to becoming a success magnet which can help anyone spread an extraordinary amount of impact in the world in the new year and beyond.

1. Be yourself and grow

“If you are waiting to be perfect before you put yourself out there, you will never come out,” says Patricia. “Define your personal brand identity, your goals, what you want to accomplish in the world, find your starting point, start and get ready to grow every day, every week, every month, every year.”

Patricia has moved on from a traumatic past to a brilliant future

Being your authentic, real self and letting your true essence shine through is what makes you unique and special. Remember that your energy is what makes you unique and special – and let everything you do resonate with who you are, not who you think people want you to be.

2. Take control of your success by transforming your beliefs

“What matters is what you choose to believe,” according to Patricia. “Everything you want to achieve starts with the way you think: what you believe is what you act. What you believe is what you get. Nobody can take the dream in your heart away from you; what stops you from getting there is you not believing in yourself.”

3. You can't change the past, but you can change the future

Adopted at the age of ten, Patricia was separated from her parents and moved to France, where she was forbidden from telling anyone about her real parents. It was a tough reality for a child: she started running away from home from the age of 14 and became involved with neighbourhood gang members. What followed was a chapter filled with sexual abuse, drug and alcohol consumption, and domestic abuse.

Despite all the traumatic experiences of her younger years, Patricia doesn’t let her past define her. Instead, she chose to turn her life around and become the highly successful woman she is today, reminding us that: “Nobody's broken past has to be their future.”

4. Become fully aware of the price of success

The truth is that there is no success without sacrifice, she explains. Identify what it takes to get where you want to be and be willing to do it. “After I had my sons Ethan and Jeremiah, I put on a lot of weight. I was at 120kg in 2019, the biggest I have been in my whole life, and I was determined to change the situation.” When an opportunity arose to join a programme and work with a personal trainer, she took it, investing the time and money to make it work –losing 30kg in nine months as a result.

“What are the sacrifices you need to make? How do you need to come outside your comfort zone to make your big dreams manifest? Once you know the answer, be a doer and go for it. Success will never fail to manifest. If you want it and you believe it, you will have it.”

5. Get coached

Working with a coach plays a big role in your success, asserts Patricia, who left her nine-to-five job as a product support analyst to become an entrepreneur and pursue her acting and singing dream – and hopes to encourages others to believe in themselves.

“A coach helps you get better in the areas where you need more support, increase your productivity, find, leverage and show evidence of your strengths, be your authentic self, create an effective action plan and access more courage than you ever thought you had so you can effortlessly make the things that matter happen and become unstoppable,” she says. “Investing in a coach is not an option if you want to become a success magnet – that kind of support is a must.”

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