Top team talk smashes Guinness world record

Members of the Progressive Property  "Longest Ever Team Speech Attempt 2015" including 9right)  Rob Moore EMN-150508-162743009
Members of the Progressive Property "Longest Ever Team Speech Attempt 2015" including 9right) Rob Moore EMN-150508-162743009
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A record breaking talker was not left tongue tied after a sponsored speech raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

Rob Moore (36) broke his second world talking record in as many years last week, when he was part of a team of four business partners who completed a 117 hour speech - raising £87,000 for Sue Ryder in the process.

Last year Peterborough businessman Rob broke the individual longest speech record, when he talked for 46 hours.

The record breaking attempt was held at the headquarters of Progressive Property - the firm developer Rob co-founded - in Cygnet Park, Hampton last week, finishing on Wednesday afternoon.

For his latest Guinness World Record Rob was joined by Paul Preston, Mark Homer, Daniel Wagner, and the property and business themed effort was streamed over the web to help raise even more money for charity.

Rob said: “The team record is like a relay. Everyone can speak, and we are a tag team.

“The previous record was set in Mexico four years agoand lasted 100 hours. We wanted to make it more difficult and more painful for us. There was a team of nine of us, with five just doing the handovers.

“We each did about 27 or 28 hours over the four days, in stints of between three and five hours.

“I think over the challenge I had about five hours sleep. While the challenge was a bit easier than the individual record, I found it harder to deal with the after effects of it. Last time on the final day I lost my voice quite badly - but this time when you felt you were losing your voice, you could hand over to another member of the team.

“There was a real team spirit to the event as well, which did make it easier to get through.

“The others found it a bit more difficult than I did.

“It was almost easier to be on stage than waiting for your turn - when you were at the back, you would start nodding off, while on stage you could just think about what you were doing.

“It was tough, but when you were at the back, very tired, then someone would always come and remind you why we were doing it, which was a big help.

“We also finished the record off together, with all four of us on the stage for the last few hours, which was a nice way to end it.”

The rules of the record stated the team could not read off a script, and could not repeat themselves during the marathon effort. There was only allowed to be gaps of 30 seconds throughout the speech, with the longest recorded on their attempt being 12 seconds.

There also had to be at least 10 people in the room listening to the talk throughout - even during the night time sections.

Rob said: “We had great support throughout from people - some of the audience were there for 100 hours of the 117.

“One person even came and pitched a tent for the session.”

Rob was inspired to raise money for Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall after his nan died in a private care home - but after visiting the Thorpe Hall hospice, said he was amazed by the work done there by the charity, and would have chosen the Sue Ryder centre for his nan if he had seen the work before.

He is now plotting his next bid on the record books.

He said: “I want to break another record next year.

“I want to do something different, but I don’t know what yet.

“I will have a look at what records I could break, and give it a good go.

“Friends and family are very proud about what I have achieved. They also think I am a bit crazy, but I think that is a compliment.”

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