Tim Peake exhibition to close in Peterborough for one day

Tim and the capsule
Tim and the capsule
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The Tim Peake exhibition at Peterborough Cathedral will be closed on Saturday (September 29) due to a special event.

The cathedral is hosting hundreds of licensed lay ministers from across Peterborough Diocese throughout the day, and will be closed to visitors.

Thousands of people have already visited the exhibition since it opened last month.

Along with the Soyuz space capsule that took Tim Peake to the International Space Station and back to earth, the parachute which enabled a safe landing and Tim's suit are also on display. There is also a virtual reality experience on offer.

The exhibition opens as usual on Sunday, September 30, from 12-3. There are a handful of other dates with shorter opening hours, although there are no other full day closures. You can check online here www.peterborough-cathedral.org.uk/home/spacecraft-opening-times.aspx#dates.

The exhibition continues until 5 November.