This is why you may hear planes in the sky over Peterborough area at night next week

A Royal Air Force C-17 aircraft is refuelled
A Royal Air Force C-17 aircraft is refuelled
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Night flying is expected at Royal Air Force Wittering in the week commencing Monday, March 4.

Transport aircraft crews plan to train with Night Vision Goggles (NVG) and training may continue until 11pm on Thursday, March 7.

Operating under the cover of night is essential to modern military operations. NVG are a real tactical advantage and enable crews to land and take-off safely during the hours of darkness.

Wing Commander Nick Maxey said: “Pilots can’t just jump into the cockpit and expect to get it right first time, they have to be properly trained for NVG operations. It is very different from flying in daylight.”

RAF Wittering is reaching out to its neighbours and the nearby equestrian establishments to inform them of a change to the usual pattern of flying activity.

The station is one of several that supports night flying; a variety of airfields and environments gives crews a breadth of experience and ensures that no single area is unduly burdened.

Wing Commander Maxey added: “It’s right that we’re making the most of our airfield, it is a genuine asset to defence. When night flying comes to RAF Wittering it means that our aircrews and tactical air traffic controllers are better prepared for operations.”