Stagecoach apologise after bus driver traps mum's leg in door after refusing to let her and her son on board

A Stagecoach bus
A Stagecoach bus
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A Cambridgeshire Stagecoach bus driver trapped a mum's leg in the door of his vehicle after refusing to let her and her son on board, it has emerged.

The woman, who asked not to be named, got her right leg jammed inside the hydraulic doors when it was closed on her.

She suffered bruising to her limb after another passenger was forced to prise open the doors with her hands to free her.

Bus operator Stagecoach has apologised following the incident on May 4 and said the driver will be facing disciplinary action over his “unacceptable behaviour”.

The woman said: "I’m appalled and shocked that they advertise such a great service yet this is happens.

"He said he didn't have to take us anywhere and he wasn’t going to. When we asked how we were going to get home he just said ‘that’s not my problem’.

"He started shouting at me and called me a ‘rude little girl’ – I’m 32 and was standing with my 12-year-old son – he ordered me off his bus.

"He then shut the doors, trapping my right leg.

"I was shouting at him to open the door so I could get my leg out but he ignored me, my son started kicking the door and another lady started trying to force the doors open with her hands – it really hurt and my leg was badly bruised."

The mother told how the incident occurred after she had gone to meet her 12-year-old son from school in Wisbech.

She cannot drive as she has epilepsy so the pair waited to board the Stagecoach 46 service to take them home.

They waited for 45 minutes at the Horsefair bus station in Wisbech for the bus to arrive - only for the driver to order everyone off.

The mum said: "I immediately called the company and they said he had to take us and we should tell him that we had spoken to them.

"So I boarded the bus and said I’d spoken to the office and he had to take us.

After calling Stagecoach again the company contacted the driver and the passengers were advised the bus would be leaving in about 10 minutes.

It was during this time that the woman was injured.

She said: "I told them I didn’t feel safe getting on the bus. I was very shaken up and my son was physically shaking.

"They kept telling me my safety was their main concern and that if I got on the bus everything would be OK. They also told me to take photos of my injuries.

"An older lady decided to walk home and a young girl school student called a family member who told her not to get on the bus.

"Other passengers were left shaken and shocked over what happened – they gave me their names and numbers to use as witnesses.

“In the end I called my mother to come and get us – thankfully the lovely staff at Greggs bakery took us in and gave us a free drink while we waited."

A Stagecoach spokesman said: “It is clear from our CCTV footage that the driver did not follow the instructions he was given by the depot.

“We apologise that service delays were not properly communicated to all passengers and we will shortly be initiating disciplinary proceedings against the driver, following his unacceptable behaviour towards the passenger.

"Immediately after the incident, we offered to pay for her to travel home by taxi, but she arranged a lift with a family member instead.

“Passenger safety is our top priority, and we are taking this incident very seriously."