Spotify reveals what music Peterborough is listening to in global musical map

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
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Rio, Sydney, Los Angeles and Peterborough. All of the glamour locations have been brought together by music streaming service Spotify to show what people from each area is listening to.

The firm has released its musical map of the world with playlists from places across the globe so you can see what is being listened to where.

The map features nearly 1,000 city-specific playlists that reflect each area’s unique musical preferences.

Spotify created the map based on music that is ‘distinctive’ to each area – meaning songs that are listened to frequently in specific cities that are not frequently listened to in others.

The map automatically updates every two weeks, allowing listeners to musically travel the globe and to stay on the pulse of each city’s unique music scene.

Each update involves analysing nearly 20 billion tracks listened to by Spotify users.

Top global listening trends revealed by the map include:

The World Loves Hip Hop – this genre showed up on playlists more than all other genres, regardless of geography or language.

Local Rules – local artists are excessively popular in the areas where they reside, across all musical genres.

For Peterborough, the playlist shows that JME is a favourite.

And while hip hop features heavily, there is room for something a bit softer such as Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Lawson.

Some of the trending musicians across various UK cities include:

. London favours the sounds of Jamie xx

. Manchester cannot get enough of The Courteeners

. Liverpool has Spotify fans streaming Lawson

. Leeds loves the sound of Slaves

. Dublin leads with Hermitage Green

. Edinburgh is a fan of The View.

And from cities around the world:

. Berlin is trending toward the stylings of Mia

. Rio de Janeiro is loving Mc Nego do Borel

. Sydney has Spotify fans checking out Golden Features

. New York, New York is craving The Chainsmokers

. Los Angeles cannot get enough of Grupo Maximo Grado

. Miami is loving Gente De Zona

. Atlanta is listening to Tamia

. Chicago is a fan of King Louie

. Philadelphia is listening to Meek Mill.