Clap for Carers at Peterborough City Hospital. Local taxi drivers and motorcycle and scooter groups attending. EMN-200528-214102009

Spectacular convoy of cabbies and bikers in Peterborough for possibly the final Clap for Carers

If it was the final Clap for Carers then what a way to bow out.

Friday, 29th May 2020, 2:05 pm

For the tenth week the country showed its appreciation at 8pm on Thursday for those on the frontline tackling the coronavirus pandemic, and Peterborough again pulled out all the stops.

Last week, dozens of truckers carried out a spectacular parade of vehicles driving past in time for the applause, which raised thousands of pounds, and their example was followed up by a cascade of cabbies, motorcyclists and scooter riders this time around.

The money raised from last week’s convoy was also handed over last night to the hospital, while representatives from A2B Euro Cars and Goldstar Diamond handed over cakes to staff.

The founder of Clap for Carers Annemarie Plas has said the 10th week of clapping would be a good time for it to end and for it to instead become an annual event.

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