Small Peterborough business hit by huge losses because of Rhubarb Bridge roadworks

Honey Bee's Cafe, based in Walton has been severely affected by roadworks along the Rhubarb Bridge area.

Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 3:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th November 2019, 4:25 pm

Roadworks across Peterborough have caused huge dismay among the public, but no more than Tony Setchfield who blames the works for impacting his trade.

Tony, who runs the family business with his wife Gina has noticed the cafe’s decline in trade. Honey Bee’s used to serve up to 90 people per day, but are currently only serving around 10. The family have a number of loyal local customers who are able to walk in but have lost a huge number of those driving by.

Tony said: “All my customers are complaining about getting here. Both roadworks do not give a thought to the people down the road. I am angry with the council. I was not consulted by the council, about the extent of the disruption. I didn’t think it was going to last this long, I am expecting it to be finished by Christmas but who knows?”

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The cafe, who also run deliveries are currently not able to offer the service, losing them upwards of £150 per day, as Tony used to have orders of 15 deliveries per day. As he explains to us his feelings, the phone rings again with another delivery he has to reject.

“I am in a situation where I can’t win. I am fighting a losing battle. I can’t get out to get deliveries on time.”

Affecting not just trade, Tony remarks on how it has a knock on effect on staffing, being able to buy produce and keeping their business going.

The council had consulted with businesses in the Rhubarb Bridge area, however Honey Bees Cafe was not in the area where letter drops were carried out about the work.

The Rhubarb Bridge roadworks will halt Friday November 22 and start again in mid January.

A spokesperson for PCC said: “We are sorry to hear that a local business has been adversely affected by the work at Rhubarb Bridge and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“This is a major project at a busy junction and the work will ensure Rhubarb Bridge can continue to be used for years to come. We have consulted with businesses in the area and published details of the work, which is due to complete in late winter.

“We have also decided to temporarily halt the work in the run up to Christmas to reduce congestion for travellers. Engineers will down tools from mid November until the new year to ensure there is reduced disruption for motorists during the busy Christmas shopping period. The works will then resume in the new year.”