Show us your sheds as Peterborough named shed capital of the UK

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A shed
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Peterborough residents have gone one better than Monty Python’s Arthur ‘Two Sheds’ Jackson after the city was named shed capital of the UK.

While the comedy character picked up his nickname as he was thinking of buying another shed, Peterborough gardeners have been putting up the structures in their droves - with more 40 per cent of residents having one.

Now the Peterborough Telegraph is urging people to ‘show us your sheds’ for a feature celebrating the best sheds in the city.

The next closest contender for the shed crown was the East Anglian city of Norwich with an average 33% ownership, meaning theoretically each person in Norwich owns a third of a shed.

Cambridge, Southampton, Nottingham and Bristol made up the next four positions. In each city, there was an estimated quarter of a shed per person.

A spokesperson for said, who carried out the research, said: “Sheds can be an underappreciated part of the home, so we thought it’s time to celebrate them by seeing which town loves them the most.

“Perhaps unsurprisingly, rural parts of the country provided the highest figures for shed ownership, as having that extra outdoors space affords you the room for more gardening equipment.

“Usually we expect to see the major cities like London and Birmingham leading the way, but with less garden space compared to rural areas a shed might be too much of a luxury.

“With nearly half a shed for every person, the good people of Peterborough really have shown that they’re a city with a great fondness for their gardens.”

If you have an unusual or noteworthy shed, get in touch by emailing