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Brown bins. Photo: Paul Franks
Brown bins. Photo: Paul Franks
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After scouring the website statistics to see our most read stories online during 2014, we’ve pulled out a list of the more unexpected, interesting, quirky stories you were clicking on:

The undisputed most read story of 2014, with more than four times the views of the next most viewed, thanks to a social media viral storm: ’Restaurant review: My first reaction was ‘wow’’ (218,000 views).

We all looked to the skies in June: ’Loud bang heard over Peterborough was sonic boom’ (43,140 views), and people took to social media with their theories, here is a collection of tweets.

Always a source of local debate, local services: ’Date announced for start of new ‘paid-for’ brown bin collections in Peterborough’ (11,543 views).

Followed by: ’Peterborough City Council sorry over brown bins error’.

Big changes in the city: ’Bourges Boulevard redevelopment to begin soon - and will take a year to finish’ (11,141 views).

Posh mystery: ’Chairman MacAnthony reveals £2 million bid for a Posh player’ (10,473 views).

A mystery... ’Can you help identify mystery man who can’t remember his own name’ (9,939 views), and the resolution, 14 July: ’Amnesia sufferer found in Peterborough park is named’ (8,218 views).

We had Hollywood level excitement: ’Tom Cruise films Mission: Impossible 5 over Wittering’ (9,521 views).

There was much reaction after a ’Peterborough man fined after pruning protected tree in his front garden’ (9,192views).

Drama at London Road: ’“What’s the final score?” asked fan as he regained consciousness after collapsing at Posh match’ (9,122 views).

Centre for Cities reported in January “in 2002 there were 158,800 people living in the city but by 2012 that number had risen to 186,400, an increase of 27,600”: ’New report names Peterborough as fastest growing city’ (8,012 views).

In September, ’Police called after Peterborough art installation confusion’ (7,635 views), “resident confused a plaster and Sellotape sculpture for a man who had hanged himself.”.

And there was a goodbye to a local institution - Frank Brothers at Westgate Arcade - in June: ’Much loved Peterborough butchers to close after more than 130 years’ service’ (7,778 views).

What is your lasting Peterborough memory of 2014?

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