Sculpture to be relocated to Ferry Meadows Country Park

Bird in Flight
Bird in Flight
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A sculpture in Peterborough is to be relocated to Ferry Meadows, Ham Lane.

Vivacity Culture and Leisure and Nene Park Trust have announced the re-siting of the sculpture ‘Bird in Flight’ by Bob Dawson which was previously situated at Morton’s Leam, near Stanground,

Vivacity, the trust which manages cultural and leisure services in Peterborough, said it hopes that the sculpture’s new home near the country park’s Visitor Centre will “attract further attention from the public, highlighting Peterborough’s sculpture collection as one of the city’s best artistic assets.”

Bob Dawson’s work centres on wildlife and reflects the beauty found in the environment. He depicts nature in its most elegant and dynamic form, drawing on the continuous cycle of life.

Bird in Flight, made from sheet metal, represents a bird of the Fens in motion, showcasing its expansive wingspan as it glides through the air.

Bird inFlight was one of the first sculptures commissioned by the Peterborough Environment City Trust.

The management of the artwork along with the rest of Peterborough’s sculpture collection - which was originally purchased by the Peterborough Development Corporation – were transferred over to the care of Vivacity in 2015.

Arts development manager Sheena Carman said: “Against the backdrop of the river, the bright steel surface of Bird in Flight will really stand out.

“For us, the location of Ferry Meadows is ideal and we hope that visitors will enjoy interacting with the piece.”

For more information about Bird in Flight and the rest of Vivacity’s sculpture collection, visit: